Welcome to the long awaited Tips And Tricks page. Here you will find some helpful tips and cool tricks for your RC car. If my truck was in one piece (If, LOL) I would have more pictures. Soon though.
1st tip, Always have fuel tubing.
1st trick, Use fuel tubing to space and protect your dog bones.
2nd trick, Use fuel tube at the bottom of your shocks, to prevent your truck/car from bottoming out.
3rd trick, Use fuel tubing as a o-ring.
4th trick, Use fuel tubing on your linkage, to add color, and increase your braking response.
2nd Tip, Use a magnet to magnetize your tools.
Use a magnetized screwdriver when installing E-clips.
Use a magnetized allen wrench to install screws you cannot hold by hand.
Use a magnetized screwdriver to pick up paperclips when your board ;-)
If you loose your brake linkage, just make one out of a coat hanger, and some wheel collars
If you loose your throttle linkage, make a new one with a paper clip, a spring from a ball point pen, and some wheel collars.

More tips and tricks coming, I just needed to post  something rite now. ALSO, Every tip will have a picture (eventually)