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Here on my site, you will find some really cool videos of my .21 RUSH. 

Also, some pictures of my .21 Rush, and how I installed the .21. 


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This site will be updated frequently with new movies, pictures, and HOW TO's
  11-10-01 I am updating my site with some cool graphics. Soon I am adding a Tips and Tricks section. Also, Project Rush v3.0 has been kicked off. I am honestly tired of bending stuff, so I'm upgrading to 3/16'' 6061 T-6 aluminum.

10-22-01 I just finished the new movie, What a Rush!, and cam be downloaded on my movies page.

10-17-01, Im working on a new look for the site, so please be patient, and check back often.  Any questions/suggestions, let me know, Havoc340@aol.com

Also, I need song ideas for my movie soundtracks. E-mail suggestions to Havoc340@aol.com 

 Thank you.






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